Having a pool at your home is the dream of many kids. When the summer days get hot, they enjoy the cooldown that a pool offers, and of course playing games in the pool can offer hours of fun. But this doesn’t mean that you should leave your kids unsupervised in the pool. The risk for them is just too great. While some parents might feel like their children are good swimmers at a young age or that the water isn’t deep enough for them to be at risk, accidents happen every year. So how can you make sure that you won’t experience the worst thing that could happen for a parent? One way to prevent this from happening is to install a pool alarm. There are a few different options for pool alarms. Some are installed directly in the pool and will alert you when someone enters it, and there are also some that your child can wear as a bracelet.

Of course a pool alarm should be coupled with a barrier that keeps your children from having access to the pool whenever they feel like it.

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