Many people today may have heard of what a modular style home is, but they may not know exactly what it is. This article today will discuss what exactly a modular home is and what benefits it has.

For starters a modular home is any prefabricated building that is designed and built, and then delivered to a homeowner and having its foundation set and completed on a homeowner’s land. Making me double wides, single wides or just a modular type house. One of the nice things about modular homes is that homeowners can get a fast return on their investment due to faster construction speed. Usually modular homes are built within a large Warehouse so inclement weather does not affect them, thus creating a greater work efficiency and faster pace in which the homeowner can get his house quicker than if a home was stick-built, or in other words built on site.

Even the air quality is better then homes that are stick built. For example, in a warehouse, the climate is controlled and can be made to produce a dryer setting. This eliminates the moisture Within framing, does improving the air quality when the house is completed, whereas on the other hand a stick-built house has a higher amount of moisture in its frame which will add to a worse indoor air climate. These are just some of the benefits that result from getting a modular style home.

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