Many people today use security cameras as a part of their protection for their home and for their family. With the several different types of cameras out there, what is the most reliable and inexpensive will be most beneficial to a householder, so the pros and cons of two types of security cameras will be the topic of today’s discussion.

The first kind of camera out there is called an IP camera. This camera uses Wi-Fi to connect to other cameras, and also to a modem like device that gives you access to the cameras feat. The nice thing about this is that usually there are apps on Google Play store or Apple Store that will allow you to see what’s going on near your house remotely, which can come in handy. Will its relative ease in an expensive installation, this is a great option for your family.

The next type is an analog based security camera. This, by its name, uses an analog interface and cables in order to connect you’re home and provide protection for it. However, it can get pretty pricey to install because you will have to feed the cables through walls usually through your attic space, and through other inaccessible areas. And while this is an older bass system, it is still reliable and used today, however and IP camera might be better used because of its modern technology and relatively inexpensive nature.

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