Pools are great to have family and friends over with while having a party. Swimming, splashing, just generally playing can cool off anyone on the hottest day. But if you don’t regularly clean your pool, what can result from it? Not many people think about it, but pools are like test tubes that can carry and breed water based pathogens. Here’s a couple cleaning tips to remind you how to properly clean your pool.

Because you have so many different people in and out of your pool, the chances of disease are increased. For example, mucus, blood, and skin of infected people are left in the pool, which begins to create the virus. If fecal matter is released into the pool, millions of gallons of water could be infected, leading to more pain and heartache. So the thing you need to do on a regular basis is to clean the pool with chlorine. Chlorine kills a great number of the bacteria and pathogens in the water, however, it does not kill everything.

Also, remember the basic things while in the pool. Don’t swallow the water, make sure young children go regularly to bathroom breaks, shower before and after swimming in the pool, and cleaning your hands after every time you use the bathroom. Using these tips will help to keep your pool environment clean, and everyone safe and happy while enjoying their pool time.

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