Some of us have parents or other elderly relatives living in our home with us. While this is a very noble thing to do, it is important that our home is a safe haven for them, and not posing an unnecessary risk.

Often, the reason why we take in elderly ones are the very reasons why we need to take extra care when they are living with us.

If they are suffering from dementia or alzheimer’s, it is important to monitor them and make sure they don’t do anything that puts them or the rest of the family at risk. Someone with that condition shouldn’t have free access to any gas operated appliances, since they can turn them on and forget how to operate them, creating a risk for fire or explosions.

Since many elderly have a hard time keeping their balance, you should make sure that any carpet you have in your home is firmly attached and not a trip hazard. If you can’t ensure this, it might be better to remove the carpet altogether.

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