When you think of metal siding, you might get the picture in your mind of a metal shed or a storage location, and this might have been the most common applications in the past. You will find, however, that the price and quality of metal siding has improved greatly over the years, as has the style choices available. Since steel has become a good choice for installation on a home, what should you keep in mind? One of the major problems that you will find with steel that other types of siding don’t have is that of rust. There are 2 types of rust prevention that are commonly used, and that is stainless steel and galvanized steel. They both do a good job of keeping steel from rusting, but they have different weaknesses. Galvanized steel is damaged by salt water, so it is not good near the ocean. Stainless steel is damaged by chlorine, so it shouldn’t be installed near a pool. Other than that, steel siding is definitely an alternative worth considering.

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