When your home heats up a lot in the sunlight, this might lead to an increased electricity cost in the summer. There are many factors that come into play with this, but a large amount of heat is generated from the sun shining in through your windows. It is the same effect that you find utilized in a greenhouse, where the air is heated up by the sun’s rays. So what can you do to counteract this effect? One simple and cheap solution is to install window films.

You can purchase a roll of window film fairly inexpensively in a hardware store, and it can then be cut to size for your windows. This film comes in different styles classified as permanent, semi-permanent and temporary. If you live in an area where you would prefer to have the sun’s heat benefit you in the colder months of the year, a semi-permanent or temporary film can be removed from the windows when needed. You should be careful when installing them, but especially when removing them, since you might end up using a razor blade for the job.

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