Have you ever had rodents in your home? It is quite a disturbing realization that another creature is sharing your living space. You might find out when you discover collections of seeds and other food in strange places, you might recognize a stale smell coming from an area of your home, or you might find droppings from rodents somewhere.

This is a major concern, because rodents can do damage to your home, and even worse, they can spread disease and threaten the health of your family.

Sometimes, you will be able to spot nesting materials collected by the rodents in places that can give you a hint of where they live. This could be shredded up paper or fabric of some sort. When you find where they live you can take the opportunity to apply poison or traps in the area to try to dispose of them.

Take care to block any easy entries into your home for rodents. Keep an eye out for cracks and holes that would let a rodent squeeze through.

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