When the weather is dry and cold we are very likely to experience the annoying shock caused by static electricity. But even though it is rather unpleasant to experience, is there any reason for us to worry about it? Are there any situations where static electricity could be more than a simple annoyance?

Because the current is normally pretty low, a static shock doesn’t typically pose a danger. Nevertheless, static electricity can become dangerous under certain conditions and circumstances.

If flammable dust or vapors are detected in a building, it is conceivable that static electricity in this type of environment, could cause those vapors or dust to ignite or even explode. In fact, static electricity around anything combustible could be dangerous.

This doubtless sounds very improbable, but static build up from a person operating electronic equipment can affect the equipment being used.

A static shock could inadvertently cause injury, if someone quickly recoils from a static shock while they are doing a task like carrying hot liquid etc.

What are some ways to prevent static shocks?

Purchase a humidifier. This is an excellent choice because it helps to dampen the air. Try putting some more plants around the house because plants are good natural humidifiers.

Fabric softener is a very handy tool at most people’s disposal, as it helps to reduce static. Diluting a small amount in a spray bottle and giving your carpet a light spritz will not only help to reduce static build up on your carpet, but give it a fresh smell too.

Natural fibers work better to prevent static build up than synthetic, so if you can wear natural fabrics. An anti-static wrist band is also worth trying.

While most of the time static electricity is just an annoyance, under some conditions it could become a problem.