In this area, with the type of moisture that we see all year round, a common sight on houses is moss on the roof. When you look up and see a spot, or several spots, of moss it could be unsightly and unattractive. Is it advisable to do something about it, and clean it off?  Let’s consider what the potential damage could be.

When a contractor comes to you with the offer of cleaning your roof and to remove the moss, there are many factors to take into account. Most of the time the methods used to remove the moss can be quite abrasive, like using a pressure washer.

Consider too, most roofs are not designed to support the weight of a person, so when someone is walking around on the roof it could cause structural damage. Sometimes though, a company may offer a ‘soft wash’ roof cleaning service. This would depend on the condition of the roof and the way it is washed. It would be advisable also, to consider the type of chemical used and to ensure this wouldn’t further compromise the condition of your roof.

So as you can see, the method used to clean off the moss could cause more damage than it’s worth. However, how much damage does moss cause on a roof? We’ll talk about that next time.